Case Study

How A US-Based Digital Marketing Agency* Scaled & Secured Clients to 6-Figure Success

“My quest for expanding our business at low operations costs led me to Cubicdash. I was quite impressed as Cubicdash lived up to and exceeded my expectations. ”

Mr Samuel Binder*

CMO, USDM Agency

Disclaimer: Since we provided white-label Services for this client, the names we use in this case study are fictional and identities are kept intact to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Contact us to know more.

Our client, USDM is a top-rated digital marketing agency in Florida, USA, founded in 2018. They specialize in managing digital advertising for clients in multiple niches and work across many platforms: Social, Video, Display, Search & eCommerce. Clients love their “real-world” industry experience and online advertising expertise

The Challenge

USDM* Agency had a hefty demand for various requirements across design, branding, and website development services. Their business depended on providing custom decks across many use cases. They wanted to scale their operations and increase revenue but without the burden of high operational costs. They had outsourced their services to several sources, resulting in poor project management, slow time to market, incoherent work, poor collaboration, etc. 

Their CMO, Mr Samuel Binder*, understood its impact on growth and their goals. Outsourcing and rolling up their sleeves was turning out to be costly. “Sometimes, I had to jump in to do some branding work myself,” he mustered. He was not an expert in many areas but could see the actual work could be produced in less time with the right person or expertise.

The Solution

Mr Samuel Binder* knew they could not sustain in the long run owing to many clients onboarding each week- all kudos to their sales team. He then carefully considered their needs, from hiring full-time workers to searching for cost-effective solutions to their problems.

Ultimately, he landed at Cubicdash as we had a perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and best talent. “You are our Messiah for having found out at the right time – his exact words once he spoke to us. He had just one look at our services and was pleasantly shocked to see the prices we offered.

“From an agency’s standpoint, it is just fantastic.; I know you had a team who would work on the roster, and nothing can hold us back now.”

Mr Samuel Binder* purchased our most coveted Business Elite plan for high-ticket agencies. We did all the hard lifting for them, like working on their operations and seamless project management, allowing Mr Samuel Binder* to focus on client communication.

The Results

Saving thousands of dollars for the client or selling our services at a competitive price aren’t just the results worth bragging about. From a CMO lens, Mr Samuel Binder* is proud that his agency USDM* has become a better organization in his space, transforming it into a 6-figure business within a few months of collaboration with us. Of all the investments, one of the greatest ROI they got was from our Cubicdash team for our services. Our prompt turnarounds allowed USDM* Agency to provide clients with timely updates and secure more client bids. 

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