Website Refresh vs Redesign: What to Go For and Why

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If your website looks old-fashioned, you might consider getting a graphic designer or developer to give it a makeover. But is a complete website redesign the only option? Lately, many business owners are opting for a “refresh” instead. This means updating or changing a few things on the site without starting from scratch.

If you’re thinking about a refresh or not sure if a full redesign is necessary, keep reading! In this post, I’ll help you determine what’s best for you and how to get started.

What is a Website “Refresh” Exactly?

Think of a website refresh like giving your car a new paint job or changing the decorations in your living room – it’s about making small changes that affect how things look without altering the basic structure.

Imagine your car looking different by changing its color from red to blue. Similarly, a website refresh can have a big impact by making minor changes. It could be as simple as tweaking the color of your menus or making your images a bit larger. These changes might happen all at once or gradually over time, with designers making small updates each week.

Some website owners prefer to refresh things slowly over months or even years. They do this by constantly testing and tweaking different elements to see what works better. In a way, their websites are never really “finished” – they’re always being improved based on ongoing testing and analysis.

What’s the Difference Between a Website Refresh and Redesign?

Imagine a website refresh, like giving your red car a new paint job or turning it blue. It’s a change in appearance, but the car still works the same way. Now, a website redesign is more like upgrading your car’s engine or adding extra doors in the back – significant changes that affect how the car functions or enhances its capabilities.

When we talk about a website redesign, it’s not just about how it looks; it’s about making big improvements. This could mean switching to a better system for managing your content or completely designing a new look for your site.

For example, your online store’s checkout process might be redesigned to fit on just one page instead of several. While the line between a “refresh” and a “redesign” can be a bit fuzzy, think of it this way: if the changes only impact how your site looks, it’s a refresh. But if the changes also affect how your site works on a larger scale, that’s more like a redesign.

Which is More Cost Effective: Refresh or Redesign?

In the big picture, giving your website a gradual refresh over time is usually more budget-friendly than going for a complete redesign all at once. Redesigns can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you want to add many new features.

For example, if your site isn’t getting many visitors to make purchases, a quick refresh could involve changing your call to action or the buttons that say “add to cart.” This might only take an hour or two to plan and implement. On the flip side, if you believe the issue is with your product page and you want a full redesign, that could take several days, with more testing and changes needed. This kind of work can quickly add up in costs.

But here’s the thing – sometimes, a redesign is the smart move, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to keep testing and updating your site regularly. It’s also the best solution if your site is really outdated and causing issues. 

Investing in a full redesign could significantly boost revenue or leads, bringing in more business and profit. A Website redesign might actually be the most cost-effective decision for you.

How do I know which option is best for me?

It might be more economical to start fresh rather than build upon your existing website in certain situations. This is especially true for those using an outdated CMS that needs custom development for basic functions or features. For instance, an old ecommerce CMS may not support advanced tax rules, and adding this might require $2,500 in custom development.

On the other hand, a CMS like Magento is free, includes this feature, and offers better support for themes. It’s crucial to think about how much money you’re currently spending or expect to spend on your website. There are moments when the cost of maintaining something outdated far exceeds the cost of redoing your website.

However, it’s not just about the monthly cost. Sometimes, a refresh won’t achieve what you want or make you satisfied with your website’s appearance. That’s when your gut might tell you it’s time to start over.

Refresh Or Redesign – Cubicdash Can Help!

Whether you’re leaning towards a refresh or considering a complete redesign, Cubicdash is your go-to team! Opting for a refresh can be perfect for giving your website a makeover. However, if your site has seen a lot of miles, a full redesign might be the way to go!

The experts at Cubicdash are here to ensure your site looks its absolute best. Whether it’s a total overhaul or just a bit of sprucing up, they’ve got you covered. They’ll keep your website in sync with the latest designs, technology, and trends. And let’s be honest, having a fantastic-looking site is even better when you’re working with awesome people who truly understand their craft. The team at Cubicdash makes the entire process of updating your website a breeze! 

When it’s time to give your site a complete makeover with a full redesign or refresh, contact us. Let Cubicdash take a look and give it the shine it needs. Design can change to stay modern. Brands that keep up with the latest design trends show they’re cool and can adapt. This matters to people who value innovation.

It brings in more people, makes more of them decide to buy or use something, and grows the group of customers. 

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